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At the young age of 11, I started becoming interested in engines of all sorts. Beginning with lawn mowers, and learning from there, my fascination grew more and more. From there I started playing around with snowmobiles and other small engine repairs and then moved onto cars. My love of engines stayed with me throughout my life and God blessed me with opportunities to use the skills He had given me as job.

On my 17th birthday I started my first day as a mechanic at a large landscaping company here in Tulsa. After working there for about 5 years, I took an opportunity to gain more mechanical experience while working at a car dealership in Mississippi. Throughout this time of change, I prayed for the Lord to guide me throughout my career.

Ever since I first started working on engines, I had always dreamed of starting my own business. I just never knew when the time was right or if it was in God’s plans for me. The longer I lived in Mississippi, the more I felt God calling me to come back home and follow my dream.

So, I did just that! I am taking a leap of faith and starting my own business and with the help of my friends, family and a lot of prayer, I am pursuing this new journey in my life!​

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